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Meshach Inc.

Georgetown Guyana.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Saturday: 10ap to 5pm icon_widget_image Georgetown Guyana icon_widget_image + (347) 869 7199 + (347) 869-7199 icon_widget_image www.meshachgt.com support@meshachgt.com
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Flooring and Tiles

We specialize in both modern and traditional methods of construction for commercial property projects across the Guyana region


our construction team can work with you to provide an excellent building solution with a true partnership approach.

  • Construction of new commercial and industrial unit
  • Refurbishment of Ecclesiastical buildings
  • Leisure facilities, incl. swimming pool construction
  • Heritage & listed building maintenance
  • Electrical & Plumber Services
  • Multi Occupancy Dwelling refurbishment and maintenance
  • Commercial refurbishment
  • Internal and External Construction



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